France Not Enforcing Lockdowns in Muslim No-Go-Zones

France Not Enforcing Lockdowns in Muslim No-Go-Zones

Daniel Greenfield

They do call them no-go zones for a reason.

But let's not kid ourselves. There are neighborhoods in New York City and LA where the police won't be asking crowds to go indoors and that the media would never dream of shaming and which won't go viral on social media. This is the same thing except it's a symptom of a much worse problem. There are people who follow the rules and those who don't, and those who expect others to follow their rules.

While it has just increased the sanctions against those who do not respect confinement repeatedly, the government decides to be more conciliatory with offenders in the suburbs. A double standard which outrage the police.

It is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods and to stop gatherings in certain neighborhoods." The sentence, which unequivocally scandalizes the police and their representatives, is signed by the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior.

In a videoconference connecting Beauvau to the prefects of the defense zones, Laurent Nunez expressed this concern on March 18 to see the cities, on the verge of implosion , ignite if confinement was applied there too strictly.

You get the idea. It's last stage colonialism. Except the colonies are in France.

As long as the authorities don't try to exert too much local control, but put on a show for the country as a whole, there's not much of a problem. If they insist on trying to control the situation on the ground, there will be a violent pushback.

Meanwhile the black market in, among other things, masks, goes on, covertly approved of by the French government.