Associated Press Blames Trump for Iran Shooting Down Ukrainian Plane

Associated Press Blames Trump for Iran Shooting Down Ukrainian Plane

Daniel Greenfield

Some of the most nakedly shameless narrative twisting from the AP. 

It starts right in the headline. "An Iranian general dies in U.S. attack, and innocents suffer". A more accurate formulation would be, "Iran's terror causes innocents to suffer."

And if the Associated Press wants to localize this disaster somewhere, a more proper starting point would be Iran's attack on our embassy in Baghdad. But somehow an attack on a US embassy isn't the starting point, our retaliation for it is.

“All is well!” President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday night, days after a U.S. drone strike killed Iran’s most powerful general, and Iran, after a barrage of missiles, had signaled it was stepping back from further escalation. But 27 seconds before Trump’s tweet, commercial flight trackers had lost contact with a Ukrainian International Airlines jet that had just taken off from Tehran’s main airport.

Trump's tweet had nothing to do with what happened to the Ukranian plane. And we don't even know for sure what happened to it.

Trying to conflate the two is not a news story, it's demagoguery. 

Some in Canada quickly blamed Trump for the disaster.

“This is insane. Sickening. Imagine having a family member on that plane,” said Rob Kent, a 42-year-old Toronto resident. “One man, and only one, is responsible for those deaths. And he will never face consequences for them.”


Also, who the hell is Rob Kent. He's not listed as a family member. He just seems to be some random idiot who tweeted this. Is the AP just padding out an "article" by quoting a random guy on Twitter who hates Trump.

Yup. Looks like it.