Biden Bags Angela Davis Endorsement

Biden Bags Angela Davis Endorsement

1980/1984 Communist Party VP candidate says a vote for Joe Biden is a “vote for ourselves.”

Lloyd Billingsley

“Biden is very problematic in many ways, not only in terms of his past and the role that he played in pushing toward mass incarceration, but he has indicated that he is opposed to disbanding the police, and this is definitely what we need.” On the other hand, Joe Biden is “far more likely to take mass demands seriously,” and the November election will not be about the best candidate but “to vote for or against ourselves. And to vote for ourselves I think that means that we will have to campaign for and vote for Joe Biden.”

That was Angela Davis in a June 15 interview with Russia Today that recently came to light. In one report, Davis was described as a “famed Marxist intellectual and activist,” and she might be recognized as the keynote speaker at the “women’s march,” on January 21, 2017, one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Those flaunting their pink pussy hats that day might not have known that Angela Davis boasts a long history in a deeper shade of red.

Like other African American Communists, Angela Davis supported the all-white, all-male Communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union, one of the most repressive regimes in history. Back in 1979, the USSR awarded Davis the International Lenin Peace Prize, and in a video of the ceremony Davis beams with joy, as though she just won an Oscar. The all-white Russian Communist Party bosses had big plans for their black rising star.

“From its founding in 1919 in the wake of the Russian Revolution until the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Communist Party of the United States of America was an instrument of Soviet foreign policy,” the New York Times noted. From the 1920s, the Russians ran their own candidates in American elections or supported proxies in other parties, such as Henry Wallace in 1948 and Vincent Hallinan of the Progressive Party in 1952.

In 1980 and 1984 Angela Davis was the vice-presidential candidate of the Communist Party USA, on the bottom of the ticket under white Stalinist Gus Hall. Davis and Hall twice lost to Ronald Reagan and George Bush, big time, but that defeat could not prevent Davis from becoming professor of the history of consciousness and feminist studies at UC Santa Cruz. Before that, Davis gained fame for supporting violent male convicts such as Black Panther George Jackson, who killed a guard at Soledad Prison.

As this article described it, Davis brought the “arsenal of weapons” to spring Jackson. On August 7, 1970, “George Jackson’s 17-year-old brother, Jonathan, charged into a Marin County courtroom and took several people hostage, including judge Harold Haley, the prosecuting assistant DA, and two jurors. The assailants taped a sawed-off shotgun to Haley’s chin. In the ensuing escape attempt, a shootout took place during which Haley’s head was blown off, and Jonathan Jackson was killed.”

Davis fled but was arrested in New York. At her 1972 trial, more than 20 witnesses implicated her in the plot to free Jackson but Davis gained acquittal. That made the Communist a national figure and helped launch her academic career and bid for vice president in 1980 and 1984.

If former vice president Joe Biden, 77, even remembers Angela Davis, he may not welcome her support. Millennials and boomers, on the other hand, can appreciate Davis’ educational services.

An African American supplies weapons for a courthouse gun battle that claims two lives and winds up getting acquitted. That’s how racist and repressive American courts had become.

For more than half a century, a foreign country, the USSR operates a political party in the USA and runs Communist Party candidates in American elections. By letting the voters decide, the United States shows how repressive it really is.

In the United States, an African American woman can twice run for vice president on the Communist Party ticket. Only the most oppressive regime would allow such a thing to happen. Only a racist, repressive institution such as UC Santa Cruz would hire such a person as professor of the history of consciousness and feminist studies.

The United States is so repressive and racist that such a person gets chosen as the keynote speaker for a rally against a duly elected president, one day after his inauguration. American journalists are so racially biased that they hail the two-time Communist loser as a sage.

For Angela Davis, winner of the International Lenin Peace Prize, Bolshevik lives matter. The former Communist candidate is not running for office but she favors the current Democrat nominee, a person of no color.

As Joe Biden said back in May, if you can’t tell the difference between him and Trump “you ain’t black.” Distinguished African Americans such as Robert Johnson, Tim Scott, Larry Elder, Herschel Walker, Deroy Murdock and countless others were duly surprised. Not so the two-time running mate of white Stalinist Gus Hall.

Angela Davis says a vote for Biden is “a vote for ourselves,” so she essentially agrees with the former vice president. Whoever Joe Biden picks for VP, any observer could believe, his head ventriloquist could be Angela Davis.

The election takes place on November 3. As President Trump says, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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Photo credit: Thierry Ehrman