A Call for Kristallnacht Against Christians

A Call for Kristallnacht Against Christians

Murals and stained glass windows of Jesus are a “gross form of white supremacy” and “should all come down,” says non-black leftist Shaun King.

Lloyd Billingsley

“All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form of white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

That was a June 22 tweet from Shaun King, and the “far-left activist,” wasn’t done.

“Yes I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been,” King tweeted. “In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Demark. Tear them down.”

The casual reader might wonder about this man Shaun King, so eager for a Christian Kristallnacht. As Fox News noted, King was “a surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders,” and introduced the Vermont socialist at a rally for his presidential bid. Bernie Sanders is big fan of Denmark, so King’s anti-Jesus tweets may be a form of socialist distancing. For their part, other groups on the left have been distancing themselves from Shaun King.

“King was once a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement,” according to Fox News, “but fell from grace when his race was questioned and he was accused of being a Caucasian falsely portraying himself as black.” In the 2015 “The Shaun King Controversy Explained,” German Lopez delved into the back story.

Shaun King had “been told” that his actual father was a light-skinned black man. Lopez found that official sources in Kentucky listed the father as Jeffery Wayne King, like his mother “also white.” A family member also told CNN that King’s parents were both white, but King claimed he didn’t lie about using his race to obtain an Oprah Scholarship to historically black Morehouse College.

Lopez claims that race “may not be biologically real,” but it’s clear that Shaun King, 40, is a genuine fake. Aside from the racial issue, the former “senior justice writer” for the New York Daily News has been criticized as self-promoter, narcissist and incompetent activist. King’s anti-Jesus hatred is likely an effort to recover credibility with Black Lives Matter. On the other hand, it recalls a central reality of the left.

Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries have always hated Christianity because it elevates truth and offers a moral authority beyond politics. In America, black leftist radicals continued the tradition. As University of Pennsylvania professor Thomas J. Sugrue notes, black-power radicals derided the Rev. Martin Luther King, a Christian minister, as “de Lawd” and branded him as “hopelessly bourgeois, a detriment rather than a positive force in the black freedom struggle.”

In the novel Dreams from My Father, so proclaimed by the “composite character” author’s own biographer David Garrow, young Barry’s strongest influence is “Frank.” Frank is the African American Communist Frank Marshall Davis, a lifelong supporter of all-white Soviet dictatorships. When it comes to reading, Barry tries James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, and such but “only Malcolm X’s autobiography seemed to offer something different.”

In a supposedly “white supremacist” United States, the son of an African American father and white mother became president of the United States, the most powerful person in the world. That president brought Black Lives Matter bosses to the White House and the ex-president recently expressed the hope that his vanguard of protesters would “seize the moment.” As he knows, the current surge of violence has nothing to do with George Floyd and everything to do with taking power by force.

Any campaign against murals and stained glass windows would be a prelude to the targeting of churches, ministers, and Christians. In similar style, the axis of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and prominent Democrats aims to remove President Trump from office, but the strategic target is the United States itself. For this crowd, the ultimate statue for takedown is Lady Liberty herself, and radical Muslims are taking the lead.

“The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) planned to attack the Statue of Liberty in New York City with pressure cooker bombs,” Newsweek reported in January of 2018, “the Statue of Liberty has a very weak point in its lower back,” noted Munther Omar Saleh, 21, “if I can get a few pressure cooker bombs to hit the weak point, I think it will fall face down.” The FBI busted Saleh and fellow bomber Fareed Mumuni, 22,  who were aided by Australian jihadi Neil Prakash and an English supporter of ISIS.

Islamic militants and the American left are united in their hated of Christians and Jews. As Daniel Greenfield notes, a Farrakhan supporter played a leading role in violence that targeted Fairfax, the oldest Jewish community in Los Angeles. For Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter, these were people “who think that they can just retreat to white affluence.”

Shaun King follows suit with a call for a Kristallnacht against Christians.

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