Son of Two Unrepentant Terrorists Wins DA San Fran Race

Son of Two Unrepentant Terrorists Wins DA San Fran Race

Chesa Boudin aims for “radical change” and “transformation.”

Lloyd Billingsley

“Chesa Boudin has won the election to become San Francisco's next district attorney,” CBS News reported late Saturday. “The people of San Francisco have sent a powerful and clear message,” Boudin said in a statement. “It’s time for radical change to how we envision justice. I’m humbled to be a part of this movement that is unwavering in its demand for transformation.”

People in the vast hinterland to the east might wonder who Chesa is, exactly, and what kind of transformation he has in mind. Bernie Sanders was first to congratulate the victor, and San Francisco voters knew Chesa served as a translator for the regime of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Still, a full understanding must start with Chesa’s mother, Kathy Boudin, a Weather Underground terrorist.

As Matthew Vadum noted, Boudin served 22 years in prison for her role in an assault on an armored car in Nyack, N.Y. that claimed the lives of police officers Waverly Brown and Edward O’Grady along with security guard Peter Paige. Boudin gained parole in 2003 and like other felons secured a position at the Columbia University School of Social Work, “where she crusades against the supposedly systemic racism of the justice system.”

That’s the mother, Kathy Boudin, and Chesa was only 14 months old when the $1.6 million Nyack robbery went down. Radical father David Gilbert drove the getaway car and Chesa was duly adopted by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. She gained fame for the celebration of the Manson murders. “Dig it!” Dohrn told an SDS rally, “First they killed these pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them!” Stepfather Ayers had similar plans, but on a larger scale.

As David Horowitz explained before Ayers’ 2013 interview with the Daily Beast, the man is a “shallow murderous liar.” The Weather Underground was created in 1969 with a formal “Declaration of War,” against “Amerikka.” As part of this war, Ayers and his wife famously urged others to “kill your parents” and were still being investigated for murder of a policeman in Los Angeles who was killed by a Weatherman bomb.

After their revolution, Mary Grabar recalls, the Weathermen planned to “order the reeducation of an estimated 100 million Americans and the execution of the estimated 25 million who would resist reeducation.” With that kind of pedigree, no surprise that Kathy Boudin would name her son after Joanne Cheshimard.

“She led the Black Liberation Army when it was a cop-hunting group that assassinated at least six police officers in the early 1970s,” Caleb Stewart Rossiter explains. “Now renamed Assata Shakur, she escaped from prison in 1979 and lives in Cuba, which refuses to extradite her. Kathy Boudin assisted in the armed robbery that funded Chesimard’s jail break.” So that’s where the name Chesa, comes from, and Chesa is not one to rebel against his parents. As it turns out, he’s something of a momma’s boy.

From her prestige perch at Columbia, Kathy Boudin crusades against “society’s reliance on incarceration and retribution.” In similar style, Chesa, who went to All The Best Schools, touts policies of “restorative justice” and “decarceration.” George Orwell was on to this concept in Animal Farm, where the revolutionary critters proclaimed, “rats are comrades.”

For Chesa’s extended family, violent criminals are victims of an unjust capitalist society. And since criminals readily perform tasks such as killing ordinary people who resist the kind of “social change” the Boudin-Ayers-Dohrn axis wants, they must not be unduly punished or incarcerated.

As Jimmy Tobias notes at The Nation, Chesa Boudin is “pushing the most transformative agenda,” and running to be a “decarceral prosecutor.” At the same publication, John Nichols explains, Chesa Boudin is part of “a national movement to change the way that district attorneys operate within the criminal justice system.” That explains the support from George Soros, but over at Mother Jones, Brian Schatz wonders,  “Is Chesa Boudin radical enough?” Chesa surely is, and conditions have never been more favorable.      

In 2015, when a previously deported Mexican criminal, protected by sanctuary laws, gunned down Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, the DA and public defender teamed up to get him off, even on the gun possession charge. Gavin Newsom supported Boudin’s opponent Suzy Loftus, but the California governor has already reprieved more than 700 convicted murderers, the worst of the worst, including cop-killers. When a Mexican illegal murdered police officer Brian Ishmael last month, Newsom was a no-show at the funeral.

Under Senate Bill 1391, signed last year by Jerry Brown, any criminal under the age of 16 can murder as many people as he or she likes, escape prosecution in adult court, and serve only until age 25. Meanwhile, the Boudin-Ayers dogma that lives loudly within Chesa has never been disturbed by the death of innocents who might not accept the brand of social change abd restorative justice the new DA wants.

To paraphrase Rodgers and Hammerstein, everything’s up to date in San Francisco, but they haven’t gone as far as they can go. Under new DA Chesa Boudin trouble will pile up higher and deeper, like the tons of trash, needles and excrement in San Francisco streets.